Julija’s ESK in Liechtenstein

My name is Julija, originally from Slovenia, doing my one-year ESC in Schaan since last October (2023). The most turbulent year in my life brought me to Liechtenstein, which is, to be honest still crazy to say out loud. Another great lesson about how life happens just as it is supposed to, being beautifully chaotic in its unpredictability. 

From almost deleting an email to turning my dream into reality – I was chosen as one of the participants of the YOALIN – Youth Alpine Interrail project, that is organized by CIPRA International. When attending the kickoff event in Bohinj, Slovenia, I thought to myself – this kind of project are something I want to do. In desperate need of change and new projects where my passion could come to life, I approached a former ESC volunteer who was there as a part of the CIPRA team, asking if they were looking for some help in the communication area. Two days later, an e-mail was sent. 

As a communication graduate, I am supporting project managers of CIPRA in international projects and communication work, regarding sustainable development and social innovation in the Alps. Perfect project in a perfect location for someone who spends all of their free time walking around the forest or enjoying a good cup of coffee on a mountain top.  
My biggest challenge is the language and the dialect, but on some days I am debating whether my biggest challenge is the Föhn. 

This has so far been the most wonderful and self-learning experience in my life and I am grateful that I am here, surrounded by amazing people. 

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds! 

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Über mich

Ich bin Amy Kalberer und mache derzeit mein Praktikum im aha.